The Turner Cassity Born-Digital Collection

All Over the Place

Cassity references various places in his poetry. He advertised his penchant for wide-ranging geographies in an autobiographical blurb that he wrote for the 2007 poetry collection Devils and Islands and saved on his computer:

As usual, he is all over the place geographically. One feels he would slash his wrists before he would write a poem about any city on the traditional Grand Tour. Manaus, Campeche, Trieste, Budapest (as destroyed by Godzilla), these are his places.

This "all over the place" quality is borne out in the poems saved on the hard drive of his Compaq Presario. In fact, he titled two of his file directories "Beyond the Grand Tour": 

Indeed, the Brazilian city Manaus, the Mexican state Campeche, the Italian city Trieste, and the Hungarian city of Budapest are all mentioned in the files saved on his computer. Each of the following poems mention at least one of those locations: Manaus, Campeche, Trieste, Budapest.

All Over the Place